Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hermione's wand crochet hook grip

I have been feeling a little uninspired lately. I was browsing Tumblr and I came across these crochet hooks with light saber grips and wand grips. I thought they were pretty cool. Since I'm poor and cheap, I only wanted to buy one pack of polymer clay, so I decided to try to make a wand one. I had everything else I needed at home. I've always liked Hermione's wand so that's the wand I went for. For the crochet hook size I decided to go with a H hook since I had two of those, in case it turned out to be a disaster.

Things you will need
  • aluminum crochet hook, any size, 
  • polymer clay, preferably brown or wand colored
  • paint
  • makeup sponge
  • tweezers

    1. I started off by working the clay a little bit just to warm it up. 

    2. I took a chunk of clay and started to form it around the crochet hook. I rolled it between my hands to smooth out any seams.

    3. I then made some "snakes" to use as the vines. 

    4. I took one of the longer "snakes" and wrapped it once around the bottom and then slower started to wrap it all the way around. I then took some smaller pieces and attached them off of the first one I put on to make them look like vines.

    5. I took a piece of clay and rolled it out to cut out the leaves. I just used a toothpick to carve out a leaf shape and attached it to the end of the vines. Once it was attached, I used the tooth pick to put line on top of the leaf. 

    6. I made a makeshift baking sheet out of foil and baked this bad boy for about 25 minutes. I don't think I need to say this but make sure to use a metal crochet hook.

    7. This is what it looks like out of the oven. You could leave it like this but I wanted to add a little more to it. 

    8. I used some brown acrylic paint, a makeup sponge, and some tweezers to paint the wand. I ripped off a little pieces of the makeup sponge and used the tweezers to sponge on the paint. I dunked the sponge in some paint and dabbed off the excess. I then just started sponging the paint all over the wand just to give it some dimension. 

    9. ...And this is the final result! I think they came out pretty cool! They were pretty easy to make and definitely worth trying out if you're a Harry Potter fan. 

    Thanks for checking out my DIY! If you have any questions as always feel free to ask! 

    Don't want to make one? You can buy them here at my Etsy shop. 

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