Thursday, November 5, 2015

Bombshell Wonder Woman Costume

This year for Halloween I decided to dress up as Bombshell Wonder Woman. I love this whole series that DC has done. I thought Wonder Woman would be a good place to start because hers seemed to be the least complicated and that I could easily put it together. Turns out all the little accessories weren't the most time friendly things to put together. The things I thought would be the hardest didn't actually end up being that complicated. This isn't necessarily a "how to" but more of a way to share what I did and to share some ideas on how I did it. 


I bought a red long sleeved button down shirt from the thrift store. Cut the sleeves off and added a zipper, collar, and the little sleeve embellishments(?) I also took it in at the waist so it could be a little more form fitting. 

Emblem on the shirt

I found an image of the Wonder Woman logo and blew it up to the size I wanted it to be and halved it so I could transfer the image to both sides of the shirt. I printed it out and used chalk to trace the outline. I then put the emblem on the shirt where I wanted it to be to transfer the chalk outline. I used Tulip soft fabric paint to paint over the chalk outline.


I didn't take any pictures of the shorts because they weren't too involved. I used a pair of high waisted shorts that I had bought from Forever 21. I just used iron on star patches for the stars on the shorts.


The boots were a pair of cheap boots that I had bought from Gordmans. I used leather paint to paint them red and paint on the details. I used pleather fabric to add the boots cuffs.

Not the best before picture but I cut off the buckles and painted them red. 
So once I painted them red, I used a pleather fabric that kind of matched the material of the boot. I cut out the shape that I liked for the boot cuff and just hot glued them on to the inside of the boot. I then painted the cuff red to match the boot.
I used white leather paint to add the details. I suggest adding the star to the cuff before adding it to the boot.

Arm cuffs

I used craft foam, foam stars, puffy paint, spray paint, and velcro to make the arm cuffs. I got a pattern for the arm cuffs here. I cut them out of craft foam. I glued small bands of craft foam on the top and bottom of the cuffs. I used velcro to secure them around my wrists. 

I hot glued craft foams stars around the cuffs. I used a sharpie to draw the design around the cuffs that I wanted. 

I used puffy paint to trace over the design I created. I let the puffy paint dry and spray painted them silver.  Once they were painted silver I sponged on black acrylic paint to give them a bit more dimension.


The belt was a lucky find from the thrift store which ended up working perfectly. The belt buckle I made out of craft foam. I have scans of my design here & here
I cut the design out of craft foam. I added an outer edge of the circle part of the belt. I added an extra bird head piece and the details of the wings on to the base of the bird part.

I painted the yellow foam black or you could ya know just buy black craft foam. I thought the gold would show up better on black but painting the yellow foam gold would work just as well. Once they were painted gold, I glued them together and added two strips of craft foam to the back to attach them to the belt I had bought.

For the lasso I used some twine I had laying around the house. I'm not exactly sure what it was. I measured how long I wanted my lasso to be and I doubled the length. I folded all the lengths of twine in half and just roped braided the whole thing. I then spray painted it gold. Once the paint had dried I wrapped it up and secured it so it wouldn't unwind. I used a strip of black craft foam to attach it to the belt. 


I made earrings out of polymer clay. I used the smallest measuring spoon I had as a mold. Once I got the clay out of the spoon I just baked them. Once they were done baking I glued them onto earring posts. 


I bought a yellow bandana from the craft store and ironed on an iron on red star. Easy peasy. :)

I wasn't able to get too many great pictures of it once it was all done since I was in Vegas for Halloween. I'm hoping I'll be able to go to DCC next year and wear it there. 

I think it came out really nice. Unfortunately no body knew who I was supposed to be but I was impressed with myself and I guess that is all that really matters. :P I think I might eventually try to get better pictures taken of the whole thing but until then the pictures I have will have to do.

I hope I gave you some ideas on how to make your own bombshell Wonder Woman! If you have an questions always feel free to contact me. I'm normally pretty quick to respond! :)

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