Sunday, October 19, 2014

Elder Wand Crochet Hook + new listing!

I got requested a LONG time ago to do this crochet hook. I had tried one attempt, didn't like it and then gave up on making another one. For whatever reason I got inspired to try to make it again. My skills have gotten better and I have better tools and techniques so I figured the second attempt would be better. Sure enough it was! I think this one came out pretty neat.

It is made out of tan polymer clay. I used different sized dotting tools to make weird oblong circles on it. Then I painted it with different shades of brown paint. I used a pencil and black paint to paint the small details on the band.

I think it came out pretty good and fairly true to the movie wand. I'm going to be selling these on Etsy. I normally do tutorials with these but wasn't sure if anyone was going to be interested in seeing that but if you are, you can shoot me a comment or message and I would be more than willing to put one up! If that's not your thing you can buy one from my etsy here.

I have other crochet hooks that you can make that you can find in my tutorial page here.

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