Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Crochet Superman Amigurumi

It's been forever since I have posted anything! I normally try to post once a month but the past few months I haven't had a whole lot of motivation but I'm back and I should have a few blogs out over the next few weeks (hopefully)

Anyway, I work at a comic book store and thought I would make something for the guys at work. I decided on Superman because I thought he would be the simplest to put together. I used this pattern here. I have used this pattern before and I liked it. This time I decided to do joined rounds and I got a better result this time.

I used felt for his cape and iron on transfers (these are becoming my favorite for logos) for the logo. I just used glue to put the cape and logo on because I'm too lazy to sew it on. Since he will probably never need to be washed I didn't find it problematic. I used safety eyes for his eyes. I also figured out a better way to give him hair. I think the end result is pretty awesome and cute.

The guys at work thought he was neat. One guy is a huge Superman fanatic so he absolutely loved him. He looks pretty cool in the comic book shop.

If you guys have any questions on how I put him together feel free to ask. He was pretty simple to put together. It is not my pattern but I can tell you where I did color changes and things like that. :)

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