Saturday, August 24, 2013

I spent the day up in Lyons...

Lyons is a cute little town outside of Estes Park. My Mom, Grandma, and I wanted to visit the Ciatano Winery out there. We also made a few stops in the town.

There is a cute little quilt shop that just recently opened. It was really big inside and in every nook and cranny there was fabric, books, or quilting supplies. The fabric was super organized and there was a lot of natural lighting coming in.

So, after the quilt shop we went to eat and then went to the winery. The winery was nestled up the mountain a little bit. The property is absolutely beautiful. There was a wedding going on later in the day so there was wedding decorations out. It is definitely a gorgeous place to get married.

 Although I'm not really a big fan of wine, I did a wine tasting. I figure since I recently turned 21, I might as well do all the twenty-one year old stuff. I only tasted two wines and didn't really care for either one. I think wine is just an acquired taste.

It was a pretty nice day and really nice to get out of town for a little bit. The winery was super cute and relaxing. I would definitely check it out if you have an interest in wine.

I've been kind of missing from this blog but I've been really busy with work and figuring out other life stuff. I'm also awful at managing my time. I have a few craft blogs coming up that I am really excited about.  I can't wait to get those out. :)

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