Saturday, June 8, 2013

My craft storage

I've recently taken over my parent's basement with all the sewing and projects I have going on right now. I have a really bad habit of leaving my stuff everywhere and completely unorganized. I'm pretty sure my parents (especially my mom) do not appreciate it. I had my sewing stuff just in a plastic container and in a traveling sewing container (is that what they are called?) It was always hard to find anything so, I decided to try to find some drawers to organize all my stuff.

I was at Walmart and I found these bad boys on clearance. I'm not really a big fan of the magenta but they were only ten dollars!! 

In the first drawer I decided to put scissors and pins and current project stuff. 

In the second drawer, I put supplies. Ribbon, glue, felt, stencils, anything of that sort. 

The third drawers I just used for patterns. 

Because I moved all of my sewing stuff into the drawers it freed up an extra container for me. I ended up using this container for some yarn that didn't have a home. I also have a huge yarn drawer in my room.

So, that is my entire craft storage and supplies besides my fabric.