Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Crochet Gryffindor Scarf

My boyfriend loves Harry Potter so for Christmas I thought I would make him a Gryffindor themed scarf. Since I was making everyone else their gifts too, I took a little shortcut, I used Red Heart's Team Spirit yarn so I wouldn't have to change colors. The color changes aren't too terribly noticeable. This is pretty easy to make. I think I made it about seven inches wide and I used the tunisian knit stitch. I had to use two skeins of yarn to get the length of the scarf. I eventually would like to put the Gryffindor crest patch on it but it works for now. :)

Nate's modeling career was short lived. He has since retired.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

DIY Bow T-Shirt

I learned how to make bows here It’ll probably make more sense there, but this is how I did it.

 1. I cut a 12 X 6 piece of fabric. I used some old costume fabric I had left over from last year. It was kind of satiny. I then folded over a 1/4 inch on both sides. I didn’t fold over again but I would recommend folding over again another 1/4 inch. My fabric started fraying a lot. 

2. Fold the bow in half. Overlap a little on one side.

3. Zig-Zag stitch all the way down.

4. Cut another piece of fabric that is 6 X 2 inch piece of fabric. Fold it in half and then sew all the way down.

5. Wrap that piece around the other piece, making a bow shape. Sew the back(?) and then cut off the extra fabric.

6. Pin the bow onto the shirt. I bought a cheap shirt from Walmart cause I’m cheap. haha.

7. Hand stitch the bow onto the shirt. (I hand stitch terribly. haha) Sew the band part to the shirt. Then sew the back of the bow to the shirt. Just make sure it is secure.

I really liked the way this one turned out!