Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Nyan Cat Crochet Scarf

So, I'm sure everyone has seen the crochet Nyan Cat scarves all over the internet. I thought they were pretty cool but I couldn't find a free pattern so I figured I would take a shot at one. I'm sure there are better ways of doing this but with my skill set, this is what I came up with...

Keep in mind this is my first attempt at writing a pattern, so be nice. :) I hope this helps and if you have any questions feel free to ask.

For the scarf part, if you know how to change colors this should be pretty easy.

Hook size I

With red chain 250 or however long you want the scarf to be. (I suggest doing a foundation double crochet. I didn't but wish I had)
Row 2- DC length of scarf
Row 3- Ch 2, DC length of scarf. Change color at end of row.
If you don't know how to change color, here is a great video on how to do it. 

Pretty much repeat that for every color.

For Nyan Cat

Hook size I

With brown chain 20
Row 2- DC 20
Row 3-9- Ch 2, DC 20

With light pink chain 20 (I think this pink was a little less chunky than the brown which is why it is the same amount of chain. This may be different if you use different yarn than I did.)
Row 2- SC 20
Row 3-15- Ch 1, SC 20

With dark pink make sprinkles onto the light pink. I just pulled it through the back and then pull it around three times close together. If that makes sense?

Sew the brown and pink pieces together.

With grey for faces, ears, paws, and tail.

Hook Size I 

Tail- Chain 12, and then SC 12

Make four paws- Chain 6, DC 6

For the face I unfortunately didn't write down what I did but I just made a flat circle the size I liked.
If you don't know how to crochet a flat circle a good tutorial is found here.

For the ears make 2
Chain 6
Row 2- SC 5
Row 3- SC 1, SC two together, SC 2
Row 4- SC 1, SC two together, SC 1
Row 5- Sc two together, SC 1
Row 6- SC two together.

Sew the ears to the face, sew the tail and paws to the Pop Tart body.

For the eyes and nose I used felt. I used pennies for size. For the white part of the eyes I used dimes for size and just cut them down. I glued the felt pieces onto the face. For the mouth I just embroidered it. A good tutorial is found here.

Then just sew the completed body onto the rainbow scarf and you're done!

I always put things on the wrong way. Haha.

I hope this makes some kind of sense. If it doesn't feel free to ask, if not thanks for visiting. :)

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