Sunday, September 16, 2012

Crochet Captain America beanie!

I've seen some crochet Captain America beanies floating around the internet. I thought they were really cool but didn't want to spend five dollars on a pattern that I could probably come up with for free. I'm not that creative that I could come up with my own patterns but I am creative enough to use the Google! I just used other patterns and pieced it together and now I'm going to share what I did with you!

First things first, you need to crochet yourself a basic beanie!  I used this pattern here.

I couldn't find a decent crochet pattern for the A, so I just hand drew one on a piece of paper and then used that as a pattern. I cut the A out of felt and machine sewed it on to the hat.
 The wings were the hardest pattern to find. I used a Melissa Mall pattern. I used the pattern from her Golden Snitch pattern. They worked perfectly and the pattern can be found here.
 After you get your wings all nice and crocheted, it is time to place them on the hat and pretend you're not getting your picture taken. ;) Pin the wings on and make sure they are even. I had trouble trying to get them as even as possible. Sew them on and weave the ends in. :)
 I made my boyfriend a hat too! This is what they look like on. I'm really happy with the way they came out.
 ...and you can wear the wings out or to the side of the head. Guess I should of shown that. Oh well...
 I hope you guys try out your own Captain America hat! I hope this helps a little.

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